We're more than a fully ramped-up New Business Development Representative executing prospect research with personalized email and call touchpoints. We review the scripts, copy, and messaging of your campaigns to generate more leads.

Company discovery is our first step to finding the best leads

It all starts with an integral understanding of your ideal target accounts.


We use traditional filters such as headcount, revenue, geography, verticals, but also include smart sales triggers such as new hires, closing new fundraising rounds, opening new offices, and new job orders.

A great place to inform our customer discovery is your existing base of marquee customers who are thrilled to be your partners. We'll comb over your base of midsize or enterprise partners to pattern match and find the most important shared  characteristics.  


Our human representatives sift through dozens of websites to find the companies to incorporate into our lead lists.

Identifying the influencers and decision makers within each account

With an understanding of your target company accounts, then we map out the company hierarchy and identify the right decision makers. There are a few ways to line up appointments with decision makers at midsize and enterprise size firms:


One approach is leveraging introductions "working down" in an organization - prospecting the C-Suite and VP suite for the right point of contact. The effectiveness of this approach has fallen wayside in a few verticals, but still works well in a few segments.


Another approach is directly targeting the decision makers with compelling and original copy oriented around their problem.

A third approach, generally used for larger institutional accounts, is targeting senior managers and "working up" within the organization to leverage an introduction.

We bring our knowledge to the table to target your vertical at the very onset of our engagement

Messaging tailored to every prospect

The days of generic templates with email automation tools are over.

Executives receive hundreds of emails a day, so bland generic campaigns simply won't work today. If you're targeting midsize and enterprise accounts with copy borrowed from blog posts, you're using the same messaging that everyone else is using. In today's landscape of new business development, savvy prospects will only respond to messaging that demonstrates you made a concerted effort to open a line of communication with them. Prospects need to know you genuinely care about their business and the problems facing their business.   

At Convertist, the messages we deploy to prospects are personalized; our emails contain copy unique to each prospect, and the problems facing their business.


Calls and voicemail is personalized and tailored, demonstrating to prospects that we performed cursory research on their company, and are deliberate about opening a line of communication with them specifically. We follow an account based lead generation system, where each prospective account is treated as their own individual market.

Coordinated, revolving touchpoints that maximize lead velocity

Our approach follows the framework of scheduling 1-2 personalized messages to a prospect, followed by calls and voicemails. We call these call touchpoints "lukewarm calls", as they sit in stark contrast to the cold calls most businesses make. When our reps start a conversation, they casually mention they've tried reaching the prospect earlier, and thought that making a call might be easier than sending them another email.


If the prospect does not answer their line, we sequence emails that lead with mentioning we tried calling their line. Across our accounts, these emails get opened roughly 60% of the time, and engender a positive response about 10% of the time per prospect.


There is a compounding effect at play with our playbook for new business development. Prospects we reach out to end up hearing from us an average of 6-9 times. Our regular cadence of personalized touchpoints is what sets more appointments for our partners than any other lead generation vendor they've tried before, and the reason our average partner end up scaling to 4, 5, or 6 seats or more.


It is the framework we've used at companies from the seed stages up to $35 million in financing across dozens of industries.

Calendar invites sent directly to your sales team

When we have a prospect commit to a time to hop on a call, we send out an invitation to them so it's in their calendar.


At Convertist, we take pride in the fact that we only need to get good at one thing: lining up appointments with ideal customers. In the same way we line up appointments with decision makers to book new business for Convertist, we follow the same playbook for generating leads for our own solution. At Convertist, we have new business development representatives who tee up appointments to our sales executives, making the introductions in exactly we make the introduction for our partners. We know firsthand that our engine works.

Introductions that set the right pace for your discovery call or demo

We send email introductions so everyone is on the same page for the call.

Beyond a calendar invitation to ensure a prospect at target company carves out their schedule, we'll also make an introduction so the prospect knows they're speaking to someone higher up the food chain.

Generally, these are your Account Executives, BDR's, SDR's, or founders who will hop on calls with them. ​

This is also the exact same hand-off process our reps make at Convertist that result in our own midsize and enterprise deals.

We eat our own dogfood at Convertist, and incorporate our lessons from our new business development into the work we perform for our partners. You'll have a solution for building pipeline that continuously adjusts to the evolving landscape of outbound lead generation.

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